• How do I host a Book Fair?
    • You can host a Book Fair in 6 easy steps! First things first, order your display box 2 weeks before you want your Book Fair to be. While you wait for your box of display books to ship, let people know about your Book Fair using our promotional materials. Then, display the books you get and take in orders! Once you are finished, you place all the orders you got as one big order. You keep 20% of what you sold. When those orders arrive you distribute them and keep the display books as a free gift from us to you. And last – do it all over again!
  • Why would I want to host a Book Fair?
    • Because it’s fun! You get free resources (the display copies are yours to keep after hosting). You get to pass on a special discount to anyone who orders from you Book Fair. Hosting a Book Fair is a great outreach opportunity for your community. You and anyone who shops at your Book Fair can enter to win a $100 cash drawing. And last, but not least, a Book Fair can be used as a fundraiser!
  • Do I have to pay sales tax?
    • All Book Fair purchases are subject to applicable state and local tax requirements. We will charge, collect and remit sales tax on your behalf when you place your Book Fair order. If you are hosting a book fair on behalf of an organization with tax-exempt status in your locality, you will need to provide documentation to us 10 business days before placing your book fair order by sending your tax exemption or resale certification to credit@1517.media in order to avoid being charged sales tax. We will not refund sales tax if documentation is provided after orders are placed.
  • I got more orders in after placing my order, can I order more?
    • Yes, you can place multiple orders after your Book Fair has ended. Just place your second (or third) order the same way you did the first time! They will ship separately and you will receive separate confirmation emails and tracking information for each order.
  • I work in two parishes and would like to do a Book Fair at both at the same time. How do I do that?
    • Our system is set up to allow only one Book Fair per address and email address at a time. If you would like to host multiple Book Fairs at a time (in more than one location, or for different age groups, or for other reasons), please contact us.
  • What will come in my sample shipment?
    • Your display copies of books, Bibles, and DVDs! Plus some helpful resources like a How to Host Guide, Bible sampler brochures, and shopper order forms.

      Depending on which Book Fair display box you ordered, or if you built your own Book Fair, you will get between 5 and 13 titles in your box. Get to know each of the titles that are coming by going here and clicking on each title to read about it.

      If you need any more shopper order forms feel free to print off more here.
  • When will I get my display shipment?
    • Your display shipment will arrive within 10 business days after you place your order and become a host. Click on Log In or Account above to find your tracking information for your display shipment.
  • After I place my order, how long will it take for me to get the orders?
    • Your orders will come within 10 business days after placing the order. If you are ordering for Christmas you may want to give it a bit more time (order by December 8th to receive it in time for Christmas this year).
  • Do I distribute the orders to the families?
    • Yes! So make sure to keep track of those order forms so you know who gets what. You can download a host order form here.
  • How do I place my Book Fair order?
    • If you are ready to place your shoppers’ orders after hosting, go here. Make sure to sign in with the same email address that you used to request your samples to have the correct pricing apply.

      If you haven’t hosted yet and are ready to request a display box, go here.
  • How can I learn more about the books that I am selling?
    • Find each of the titles here and take some time reading the descriptions and looking at the interior pages online. When you get your box spend ten or fifteen minutes and read through each book that comes in your box.
  • Do families make checks out to Sparkhouse Family Book Fair?
    • Nope! They make them out to you/your church/your MOPS group/your school.
  • How does taking money work?
    • You take the money from families and then pay us one big amount at the end. As a reminder, we will charge sales tax unless you are able to provide documentation that you are a tax-exempt organization. You are responsible for charging sales tax to your shoppers if you don’t want to pay all the tax on their behalf. There is space in the order form to help you calculate sales tax for your shoppers.
  • Can I take credit cards?
    • Only if you have the means to do that. We can’t help with that – but we did make all of the prices an exact amount so you can easily take cash.
  • How do I promote my Book Fair?
    • Download your customizable marketing materials right here.
  • I ordered a display box and would like to order another, but I got an error message. What do I do?
    • An error can mean a few things. It most likely means that you already ordered a sample box from us and you have not placed an order of books after that. You need to place an order for books before we can send another free display box! If you have any questions, just email us.
  • How does the fundraiser work?
    • You get to keep 20% of whatever you sell. No refund checks, no store credit, no stress. Keep track of shopper orders on your host order form and collect money, then when you place your order at SparkhouseFamilyBookFairs.com, we will further discount the products 20%. The difference is yours to keep as the fundraising element of your Book Fair.
  • How much money will my fundraiser make?
    • You get to keep 20% of whatever you sell. No refund checks, no store credit, no stress. Keep track of shopper orders on your host order form and collect money, then when you place your order at SparkhouseFamilyBookFairs.com, we will further discount the products 20%. The difference is yours to keep as the fundraising element of your Book Fair.
  • I have been hosting and haven’t made any sales! What should I do?
    • I know that that can be frustrating, but we can help you with this!

      Make sure you are actively promoting your Book Fair and making it available at good times for your families. For example, if you are hosting a Book Fair at a church make sure you put the table at a convenient location with high traffic before and after service times.

      Then, get people to want to stop by your Book Fair. Some hosts in the past have held a raffle at their table. Families can stop by and put their names in the raffle and the winner of the raffle can choose on of the free display books as their own!

      Once families stop by, make sure you entice them to place an order for books by knowing the books well! Get to know the books by going here.
  • Do you only sell books in your Book Fairs?
    • We actually have books, Bibles, and DVDs available for display and order. We produce books and Bibles for kids age 0-12 and videos for kids ages 3-10. You’re sure to find something for everyone with kids in our fairs!
  • How long should I host my Book Fair?
    • We recommend at least two weeks, but you could host at a one-time event like rally day or fall festival, or for the entire month of November leading up to your Christmas play or party.
  • What do I do with my samples when my Book Fair is over?
    • They are yours to keep! Use them to stock your library, raffle off, or donate – your choice!
  • How do I submit my Sweepstakes Submissions sheet?
    • You have two options!

      One, scan (or take a picture of) the sheet(s) and email them as an attachment to bookfair@sparkhouse.org.

      OR two, stick them in an envelope and mail them to 510 Marquette Ave, Suite 800, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

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